2 unique brand new villas in Cap Martinet

Introducing Casa Imagine, our latest project featuring two newly constructed villas ready in just 16 months. Nestled in Cap Martinet, these homes boast expansive sea and Formentera views. With a unique 4.5-meter ceiling height in the living area and wood finishings, they exude a spacious and inviting atmosphere.

Cap Martinet surpasses expectations with its prime location, panoramic views of Talamanca Bay, refined architecture, and top-tier finishes. Are you ready to experience a slice of heaven?

Cap Martinet offers bohemian luxury, where the world feels at your feet. Conveniently close to the capital, you can explore enchanting places while living amid natural beauty. Wake up to stunning views of Talamanca Bay and the vast Mediterranean, providing an unparalleled 180-degree spectacle.

Embrace the Ibiza life at your own pace in Cap Martinet – shopping, sunbathing, strolling, dining, or simply soaking up the hippie-inspired luxury. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a villa in this nature-infused haven is a golden chance, as luxury home options on the island are becoming scarce. Will this villa be your ultimate haven of peace, love, and happiness? Scheduled for completion in Autumn 2024!


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